About Roel van Veldt

Roel van Veldt is with 8000+ compositions and songs (and still going) probably the most prolific composer ever. He improvises a new song at the piano and it sounds already like a finished song he must have practiced before. But he hasn’t. It’s as fresh for him as it is for you when you hear the recording for the first time.

In that form, Roel’s music is not finished enough for music business though. They don’t work with sketches and doodles. And that’s why you won’t hear Roel van Veldt’s music on the radio. You might find that regrettable.

If he were a performing artist, he would bring his music himself to the stage. But that wouldn’t allow him to do what he prefers to do: create a load of songs and share them freely with all artists around the world. And you can take that quite literally.

Roel van Veldt has a Big Dream: he dreams that every performing singer of band on our beautiful planet would adopt at least one of his songs or instrumentals in their repertoire. They are free to arrange the music in their very own way and style.

There are only two conditions:

  1. The chords and the melodies should not be altered (yet the performing artists can submit alterations for approval at roel@stormwind.be).
  2. Roel van Veldt should be credited as the copyrighted composer of the music, and receive as such composer royalties and broadcast royalties (only radio, online streamcasts, tv, all kind of movies and advertising), both at a rate of 20% of the total royalties involved. Roel doesn’t claim royalties from live performances nor mechanical royalties (online downloads, cd, dvd or other physical media).

Are you an performing artist or band interested in adding some great songs or instrumentals to your repertoire? With time, Roel will add more and more songs to his online playlist.

Please contact Roel at roel@stormwind.be and many thanks in advance to help Roel realize his Dream!!

Thank you for sharing the message!